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Don’t Take My Word for It!

The biggest asset we have as online marketers is our list, however for most we fail to understand how to communicate with our subscribers so they both remain interested in hearing from us and also purchase products through our recommendations.

Like many, I fell victim to this for a long time and my commissions suffered as a result. It took a complete shift in focus to understand what I was doing wrong.

However, you don?t need to go through the same pain because List Chief has laid out in fine detail, the step by step process that you can use to turn your lists into raving fans that are happy to pay you every time you mail AND still look forward to your next mails.

Bari and Ivana have laid everything out bare so that you can see exactly how they turn their email promotions into bankable cash. All you need to do is follow through, copy what they teach and repeat for yourself

Jon ShawcrossSuccessful Internet Marketer

If you don’t monetize your list, you leave money on the table. Again send promos everyday, your list hates you.

And soon they die. List Chief is an easy way on how to create free gifts that your list will thank you for and how to turn this gift into an amazing selling machine that does the selling for you on autopilot.

M. Bari has done a great job putting every piece of information in easy to follow steps and if your business is anyway related to email marketing, and you want your list happy to open your mails and buy everytime you mail them, then List Chief is for you.

CooliceGrocery Store Clone

"Leaderboard domination – yep! That’s what Ivana and Bari do consistently…why?

Because they have the golden list PLUS they built a relationship with their lists which is even MORE powerful. I’ve got a copy of this course and there are HUGE golden nuggets in there that they are handing out on a silver platter. My favorite part is the breakdown line-by-line of a cash-sucking email.

Learn from these two top earners and grab your copy with your favorite coffee. You need this like "yesterday".

Kristie ChilesEmergency New Years Cash!

Dear ‘Not Getting The Success You Deserve’ Marketer

I’m Moshfiqul Bari and I am now a very successful online marketer…However not too long ago… That was NOT the case…

And before I tell you my story… Let me ask you:

How many times have you been told to build your list? And you finally started building it, but you come to learn that your list does not respond well or it is NOT bringing enough income to quit your 9-5.

Want to Know WHY?
NOBODY told you HOW to make your list PERFORM WELL!
AND most likely you followed a method that was thought up in 90’s.

Fast forward to 2014 and I’ll give you a glimpse into the future of high performance list management.

So I ask you to keep an open mind for the next few minutes..

But first, let me give you a bit of a background story, I started out in online marketing back in 2012 and, just like most others people in our business, I jumped from strategy to strategy – SEO, courses, article marketing…Name it…I’ve done it 😉

Finally I built a decent size list and started making commissions every day! You see, I thought I’d made the big break-through, but before I started to turn a profit, my list gradually stopped responding to my e-mails.My open rate plummeted from 29.4% to 2% and my click-thru rate was even worse!

No-one Wants ‘The Hard Sell Thrown In Their Inbox Every Day!
So I got to thinking – it was time to stop bombarding my subscribers with affiliate links and give them something they actually want! And COMPLETELY change my strategy. But in order to do that I needed to grab their attention.

And what’s the best way to grab your subscriber’s attention?

Give Them Something NOBODY is Giving them and They’ll Be Eating out Of Your Hand!
The End Result…
Get Them To Open Your E-mails
Boosts Your Reputation
Create A Buying Habit
Create Positive Brand Association

You see, I knew I was on the verge of something BIG here…BUT every strategy I’ve tried such as just offering an extra bonus was NOT giving me the END results needed…

Nothing out there fit the bill.

Until finally, I came up with this unique method that allows you to:
Become the authority that people WANT to buy from
Drastically increase open rates and click-through rates from the most dormant lists.
Revive and re-engage an old burnt out list and get them back into buyer mode
Ethically bribe your subscribers into buying from you over and over again
Finally, I’m feeling subscriber love and DOMINATING leaderboards!

In Just 1 Campaign Alone I generate $1,069.38 In Just 10 Days!

Results Rinsed and Repeated by Test After Test!

After refining my process, you are getting an inside look to my: 

Totally sustainable, rinse and repeat strategy that will
change the way you promote FOREVER.

You can say ‘Goodbye’ to burn out lists and failed campaigns and easily become a super affiliate!

Introducing List Chief Promo

Your one-of-a-kind formula for sustainable successful affiliate promotions and turn yourself into top producing affiliate!

So What Exactly Is List Chief Promo?

List Chief Promo is a step by step coaching program that will show you a very simple 3 step process that will boost your buyer conversion rates and get your subscribers fired up and eager to buy.

What List Chief Promo Isn’t

This is no push button quick-fix. – There are lots of those out there and guess what? They don’t work. You WILL have to put in a VERY small amount of effort – (less than 2 hours), which can easily DOUBLE or Triple your earnings!
Now It Is Time To Turn Your List Into A Profit Pulling Super Magnet!

This isn’t just some product I designed to sell – it’s my own tried and tested method that I use daily to make my living.

It will produce the conversions beyond your wildest dreams. OVERNIGHT!

Insider Info So You Promote The BEST Products

A no –fluff – straight to the point overview of how to choose the best products to promote. I’ll give you my key insider tips so you can find what’s hot and what’s not.
Top Secret! Find That ‘Must Have’ Gift For Free!

Where to find that juicy, irresistible gift and how to find it for FREE!
All The Techie Stuff Done For You

My own techniques for designing your promotional content for zero cost and with no techie skills required!
No Outlay – All The Tools You Need At Your Fingertips – FREE!

Not 1, not 2, but 6 absolutely FREE tools to make your List Chief Promo a total breeze!
Sky High Click Throughs

My tried and tested sequence for delivering the best possible click through Rate
No More Unopened E-Mails

The little known “Killer” e-mail subject lines so your subscribers won’t be able to resist the urge to open.
Done-For-You Irresistible E-Mail Templates

3 e-mail body templates to engage your readers and give you the best open/click rates. And best Of All:
Want In on My Best SECRET?
Let me show you Top 3 Elements to convert your average subscribers into BUYERS! INSTANTLY!

List Chief - Main

List Chief Promo is set out in a simple to follow format so that you can
finally ENJOY the Internet Marketers lifestyle!
In Fact…It’s as easy as 1..2..3!
1. Choose That Kick-Ass Gift – THE most important Missing LINK!
2. Easily Create Your List Chief Promo Strategy for Zero Cost
3. Mail Using Proven Tactics that WORK!
===>And Kaching!<===

So I ask you…

Are you satisfied with mediocre results?

Barely getting enough sales to cover your costs?

Ready to Turn Your List Into a BUYER Powerhouse?

Let’s Make It a NO-BRAINER with 200% Money Back Guarantee

Because we committed to helping you succeed, we’re adding
3 Awesome Bonuses
to help you to start Profiting from
Lead Chief Promo As Soon as Today!

List Building Crash Course

The subscriber list is the online marketer’s greatest asset and it can take tons of time and money to build. That’s why we’re giving you the insider knowledge to get your list of hungry subscribers ready and waiting for your first List Chief Promo.
Sample Campaign

I’ll take you by the hand and walk you through a sample campaign from start to finish. You’ll see step by step how you can turn 2 to 3 hours work into the kind of profit you’ve only dreamed of!
Case Study

I’m going to share with you the secrets of two of my most successful recent campaigns. You will learn how I snatched a second and third places on the leaderboards and collected some healthy profits.


List Multiplying Secret Weapon WP- Share Me Plugin!

And that’s not all!!! For I limited time only, I going to give you my LIST MULTIPLYING SECRET WEAPON WP-ShareMe Plugin.

Watch Your List Grow Exponentially While Your Visitors Do The Work For


WP-ShareMe is the most powerful list boosting plugin around today and it will advanced your list building by months – even years!

This awesome WordPress plugin creates popups within any WordPress pages and posts containing viral share buttons for all the popular social media sites.

Just think about it? You’ll not only be hitting a massively wider audience, but your list will go into hyper- growth! And you know what that means?

 More clicks = More Sales = More Profits!

So, the big Question is would you Like to Double – Even Triple Your List Conversions?!
Just picture this – your subscribers waiting by their computers waiting for your e-mails, hanging on your every word because you’re their authority figure.

List Chief PROMO will Send You’re click-thru rate through the roof and your PayPal balance to an all-time high.

Just a dream? No, this is my reality and it could be yours – starting today. Oh and let me tell you…currently I send out 21 e-mails a week to my list and my unsubscribe rate is minimal. Catch my drift?

So can you afford to walk away from this?
The fact is, if you don’t get your subscribers to open your e-mails, your click- thru rate won’t get any better and you won’t make sales. In a nutshell – you’re leaving unclaimed cash on the table.

If you keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results, you’re going to be disappointed.

I’ve proved to you that List Chief Promo works – so why walk away from a ton of profit?

You got into this business to make money – right? Now’s your chance.

This is a limited time offer and the price WILL go up.

What are you waiting for? Today could be the day the day you change your life forever!

To your success, Bari and Ivana

List Chief - Main
Offers like this don’t come along every day and this one won’t stick around for long, so if you’re serious about making some real money and becoming a super affiliate, don’t be the one who misses out!

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